The Vendor Security Alliance has partnered with Whistic to to be the online platform for our industry-leading security assessment program.

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Dr. Ken Baylor, President, VSA

"The VSA is directly focused on helping companies protect against the risks associated with third-party, vendor relationships. We needed a partner to help streamline and scale our organization’s impact, and we were very impressed with Whistic’s focus on vendor security, its commitment to customers, and it’s user-interface. We’re happy to partner with the Whistic team and provide our members with an intuitive solution for their vendor assessment needs."

How VSA Members Benefit

Members get exclusive access to Whistic as a part of VSA membership
Members receive notifications via the platform when audit reports are shared
Members store shared VSA audit reports within a catalog of all Vendors
Members who are already Whistic customers can access VSA audit reports in the same place they manage their entire vendor risk management program
What is included in the VSA Audit Report?
  • Vendor responses to the VSA questionnaire, including comments and documentation
  • Auditor comments, flagged issues and executive summary on the vendor
  • VSA overall score as well as individual question scores set by the auditor
How Vendors Benefit

Vendors respond to the VSA questionnaire in an intuitive, online interface

Vendors can add teammates, assign questions, set internal due dates and collaborate using the platform

Vendors can use the platform to manage their VSA questionnaire responses over time

Vendors can use the platform to share the completed VSA questionnaire with other companies that want to review their security posture